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The Only Worthy Judgement

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Is your own.

Anyone elses judgement is used primarily to validate your own judgement. This is frequently for one of two reasons:

  • To confirm your suspicion that you have done good work.
  • To confirm your suspicion that you have not done good work.

The first seeks a confirmation bias and tends to discount or rationalise dissenting opinions and value judgements.

The second one is more interesting. In this case, you have a general unease that something is not as ‘good’ as you would desire and you are seeking to explore this unease and try to determine why you have this general feeling of unease.

The first is ego-stroking and adds no real value, simply gaining approval for a value judgement already made. The second similarly is simply gaining confirmation of a value judgement that has already been made. In both cases, the worthy judgement is your own, which determines if you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the work.